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Adopt a horse:

Remember: every horse you adopt from a rescue frees up the resources so a horse in urgent need can be saved!

Adoption fees for most horses are $1,000 or less and that includes all care up to date, neg Coggins, vet exam, and free local delivery. If, despite your best efforts, it doesn't work out we do offer a 30 day return policy. We will also take back the horse at any time for any reason (though we cannot offer credit beyond 30 days).



1) View our list of adoptables to see if any horses catch your eye. Be aware we usually have more horses than are listed on the "adopt now" list because some are new arrivals, not yet evaluated, or are temporarily off for medical reasons -- so be sure to check back often.

2) Contact us to ask questions, discuss your goals, etc. If the horse still sounds interesting, let us know when you'd like to come see him or her.

3) Come visit the horse! Bring helmet and appropriate shoes, if you plan to ride. If this horse is for other family members, please bring them along. If you have a favorite saddle or bridle, bring it along to check the fit, if you wish.

4) If you like the horse, we'll ask for a few references: vet, farrier, trainer, long-time horse friend, etc.

We do not discriminate based on age, race, sexual orientation, etc. Our only criteria is if the person is able to give the horse a good long-term home.

We'll discuss the horse further with you. We are HAPPY to take you out in the trail if this is a trail horse. If you're looking for an arena/lesson horse, we're HAPPY to put the horse in that situation, We want you to have every chance to get to know him/her and to see how she does in the job you plan to do with him/her.

Please ask us questions. We are also happy to share with you records from any vets or professional trainers who have met the horse. If you want your own vet, farrier, or trainer to see the horse, please do bring him/her.

5) Assuming there aren't any concerns, all we need is a completed adoption agreement and the adoption fee. We deliver the horse to you -- free!

If there are any concerns about the compatibility of the match or on the living situation where he/she is going, we will discuss it with you. We want to work with people, to educate, and to give the horses the best possible chance for success.

We DO allow our horses to go to boarding barns.

We DO allow horses to go to lesson or therapeutic programs, as long as the individual horse seems to do well in that type of job.

We DO allow our horses to show and compete, as long as a vet has not rules out that activity for the individual horse.

We DO adopt out to first time owners, assuming they show a willingness to learn, they have a vet, and they will ask someone for help if they have any concerns.

We DO NOT micro manage, nit-pick, try to control you, or demand you use only __ brand of training. We DO NOT tell you what brand or carrot stick or what days to blanket. As long as the horse has his needs met, isn't unfairly punished, and overall is happy, that's all he needs.


Situations that may cause us to pause:

- Horses already at this location should be in good health and condition. We don't expect people to have expensive barns. Run-ins and pasture live is just fine! We do expect ample, mold-free food & hay, safe fencing, and proper horse care.

- We prefer not to see barbed wire in a horse pasture. Hi-tensile wire, may or may not be ok, depending on how visible it is and how it's installed. Pasture should be reasonably free of anything harmful (eg, no rusty sharp scrap metal, uncovered septic tanks, etc).

- If you've never owned a horse before and he's not going to a barn with experienced horse owners, we'd be happy to work with you to get you the information you need before you bring a horse home. It's important you understand common horse ailments such as laminates and colic, including what to do.

- Sorry, but we cannot adopt to situations where there is an ongoing animal cruelty investigation and/or anyone who had conviction(s) in the past for animal cruelty (of any kind of animal).


We do NOT allow the following :

- No competitive racing.

- No breeding under any circumstances. If you want a foal, we'll be happy to network you with foals in need & other rescues that may have foals. You can buy a nice foal for less than it'll cost you to breed your mare.

- No forcing the horse to do anything he is not physically able of doing. For example, if a vet determines a horse should not be jumping, then that means this horse is not to be jumped - period.

- No resale. Why? We have an obligation to the horse for the rest of his life. Once he's resold, nothing protects him from going to auction or a bad broker or to slaughter. We make it fair to you by keeping adoption fees low and putting extra value into the horses. Having all their shots, coggins, dental, and farrier done is something most sellers don't bother with. Your Equihab horse can come back her at any time for any reason, and we're never "too full" to take back our own. We'd like to think you'll keep your horse forever, but in the event you cannot, think of it as a free and guaranteed retirement home for him. *Note: If you can't keep the horse and know of someone who wants him, we are willing to consider transferring him to the other person*

- Adoptions are limited to the east-coast, preferably the mid-Atlantic states, such as Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. This may seem limiting, but it's for practical reasons. We need you to come and see the horse at least once before adopting him. And should you ever need help, have a personal crisis, and/or have to return the horse, it's extremely expensive & difficult to do if he's 1000 miles away.

I live in the Mid-alantic region (Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or southern NY)...

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