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Need to find a new home for your horse?

Please note: we will always take Equihab horses back at any time for any reason.

Before calling or emailing please read these four items:

1. If you're looking to retire your horse, we are probably not your first choice. There are special retirement facilities that are better suited for a lifetime retirement.

If the horse is having trouble getting around the pasture and needs daily pain medication just to walk, it might be time to let him go, especially if you cannot keep him yourself. If you need help with euthanasia information, our .info site has a special page.

We are very sorry, but we can't take every horse in every situation. We are limited by the funding that the public chooses to give to us to operate this program. If you'd like to see us expand capacity, consider giving financial support or becoming an active volunteer to so that the program can grow.

2. Help in selling/placing your horse directly

You're welcome to use our email list to place your horse in need. We put up a special "Tips to Sell Your Horse" page on our .info site just for people in your situation.

3. To maximize the chance we (or any other equine organization) may take your horse:

  • always geld stallions
  • do not breed the mare
  • have the basic care up to date
  • negative Coggins should've been done within the last 12 months -- haulers or a rescue cannot haul without one in most states
  • be up front about any special care instructions, diet/medicine needs, health issues, or temperament quirks
  • have the legal owner(s) available to sign the horse over. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian needs to contact us.
  • to help in the process, try to provide transportation, either in your own trailer or offer to pay for someone to haul

4. If after reading this you are still interested in Equihab accepting your horse, contact us to discuss the details.

Non-emergency intakes require Board of Director approval, which might take at least several business days.

Benefits of Equihab

We screen homes, do site checks, and maintain an ongoing relationship with the new home. You will hear updates about the horse via posting to the Web site.

If at any point the Equihab-placed horse is sent back for any reason, we will always take him/her back. It's a guaranteed home for the rest of his life.

We NEVER sell any horse to slaughter, auction, broker, dealer, etc. Horses do not leave until they find good homes.

We microchip all horses before they leave.

All horses are seen by the vet and all care & vaccinations are caught up.

We are a "no kill" type of shelter: we do not put down an animal that's been here awhile just to "make room"

The donation of a horse may be tax deductible, per the IRS code. Talk to your tax advisor. For horses with a higher value, you may need to get a professional horse appraiser to document his worth for IRS purposes. Again consult your tax advisor if you have any concerns. We are a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible, per IRS code.

Contact us if you have any further questions.




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